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Головна » 2018 » Грудень » 7 » Full reboot, New Game - Ukraine Village Mod
Full reboot, New Game - Ukraine Village Mod

Good day, dear friends.

We had doubts whether to release the full version, considering that there is practically no support from people.

We had a long meeting with our team and came to a general decision, we still release the full version of the mod.

We did not want to stop the development of this project.

But now it will not be just a mod for the game Emergency 4, but it will be a completely new game.

We will rework the old game engine a bit (we studied the materials on programming, scripting games and creating scenes), but we agree that we can’t afford some of the possibilities;

But we are trying to do something, because we understand that a lot of people are waiting for this mod.

Therefore, we began to modify the whole game.

What new features await you in the new version of the game.

- New special equipment (modern Ukrainian equipment for 2018-2019 years)

- Complete abandonment of the Russian automotive industry machinery.

- Revised standard maps (scripted maps + new map scripts)

- New teams (features)

- New graphics

- New equipment

- Replacing all standard traffic

- Replacing all standard textures in HD and Full HD format

- Complete change of HUD and UI

- New buildings and facilities

- Replacing video and audio design in the game

- (possibly) Adding new missions and tasks

- Improve the overall atmosphere of the game.

I hope you appreciate our efforts in the new game.

We will periodically upload photos and videos to our channels on Youtube.

Regards Team UA Modding Team

Posted by: sashok20101995 & FAN-URAGAN

All rights reserved. Ukraine Village Mod

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